About Me

My primary sources of inspiration draw from a range of experiences and passions. Growing up in
vibrant Africa has instilled in me a deep appreciation for the rich tapestry of cultures, colors, and
landscapes that the continent has to offer. The vibrant markets, breathtaking sunsets, and unique
wildlife have all contributed to shaping my artistic style.

Another big source of inspiration is travel. Exploring different countries and immersing
myself in new environments allows me to witness the beauty of architectural styles, natural
wonders, learn more about new cultures. Each journey brings a fresh perspective new

Playing games in Virtual Reality is also an influential source of inspiration for my 3D art. The
immersive worlds and intricate designs found in video games often spark my creativity and push
me to explore new techniques and concepts in my own work.

When it comes to the role of AI in enhancing or altering the way artists find inspiration, I believe it
holds immense potential if used responsibly and ethically. AI-powered tools and algorithms can
analyze vast amounts of data, ranging from images and music to literature and historical art, to
provide artists with new perspectives and ideas.

It’s important to recognize that AI is a tool and not a replacement for human creativity. It should
be seen as a complementary force that augments an artist’s skill set rather than overshadowing
their unique perspective and imaginative abilities.

I’m especially drawn to the realms of fantasy and mythology. There is something
captivating about bringing fantastical creatures, epic landscapes, and magical elements to life
through the medium of art. It allows me to delve into the depths of my imagination and create
whimsical worlds and creatures that transport viewers to new realms. The genre of fantasy and
mythical art opens up endless possibilities for storytelling, symbolism, and exploring the depths of
human imagination.

The last 4 years I ventured into the realms of virtual reality and creating with unique techniques
such as Gravity Sketch and Tilt Brush. With Gravity Sketch, I can sculpt and shape objects in a
three-dimensional space, allowing me to manipulate forms with unprecedented freedom, and
especially get a feel for the volume of the sculpt. I can then take that into Modo and continue

Tilt Brush, on the other hand, enables me to paint and draw in virtual reality, allowing me to
create vibrant and dynamic scenes. Using new techinques like that is enabling me to push the
boundaries of what I can do, and bring my visions to life in a new way – basically bringing the
viewer right into my art and surrounding them on all sides. These new techniques have not only
expanded my artistic horizons but have also given me the means to create immersive experiences
for viewers, where they can step into the fantastical worlds I’ve created and become part of the
narrative themselves.

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